Snyk supports international traveling for projects within the field of contemporary music, experimental music, classical music and sound art.


Who can apply?

  • Grants are given for international transport in connection with Danish residents that undertake concerts and activities abroad, and Danish concert promoters presentation of performers resident outside of Denmark. 
  • With regard to the size of the overall annual grant only the cheapest direct routes from destination to destination are awarded. 
  • Applications should as a minimum contain the completed application form and the supplementary 
attachments mentioned on it. 



  • Concerts should, as a point of departure, be remunerated by the international or Danish concert promoter. 
  • Snyk's logo should be used for all communication concerning the projects supported. The logo can be downloaded from Snyk's website. 


How to apply

Please fill out this application form

NB! The application has to be sent in before project-start.


On completion of the project, a short report on its results should be submitted.
Please fill out this report form

  • Applications should be submitted digitally.
  • The application form and attachments as a PDF with sound files as attachments in MP3 format or with direct links to files on the internet.
  • The application should be submitted before travel is commenced.
  • On completion of the project a short report on its results should be submitted.
  • The grant awarded will be paid on completion of the journey and submission of the closing report along with an account and copies of all relevant vouchers at the latest one month after completion of the project. The grant can be adjusted, within the amount awarded, in relation to the actual travel costs.